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Medical malpractice: Dentist faked anesthesia certification


Medical malpractice: Dentist faked anesthesia certification

Posted On December 29, 2018 In Firm News,Personal injury

It is not uncommon for people to have fears in relation to visiting the dentist. Most of the time, dentists are professional and have their patients best interests in mind. However, this area of medical care is not without problematic providers.…

Trucking accidents can leave more questions than answers

Posted On December 24, 2018 In Firm News,Trucking Accidents

Here in Arizona, and across the country, semi-trailers are an important part of the economy, delivering various goods to areas that need them. Despite their needed presence, they can also pose a great danger to other motorists, due to their large size.…

Alcohol can be a factor in motorcycle accidents

Posted On December 17, 2018 In Firm News,Motorcycle Accidents

Those who ride motorcycles often say that they feel a sense of freedom when out on the road. That freedom can also come with a great deal of risk. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, as riders often have less protection than those who are driving a car.…

Medical malpractice case highlights need for proper patient care

Posted On December 10, 2018 In Firm News,Personal injury

When families here in Arizona need to go to the doctor, they trust that they will be given the best of care. Most of the time, this is exactly what happens — physicians and other medical experts work to ensure that patients are treated properly and professionally.…

Car accidents caused by drunk driving may lead to deaths

Posted On December 6, 2018 In Car Accidents,Firm News

A woman was recently sentenced in connection with an Arizona crash that occurred in late 2017 along Interstate 10. The car accident led to two deaths. Sometimes, car accidents stem from a driver’s recklessness behind the wheel, which may lead to criminal charges but is also grounds for civil litigation in Arizona.…

Disaster can strike with even a moment of driver inattention

Posted On December 6, 2018 In Firm News

There are a multitude of scenarios in which a motor vehicle accident can occur, and each incident runs the unfortunate risk of posing a major threat to your safety. As you travel along Arizona roads, you may place a high priority on remaining alert and aware of your surroundings, but can you always expect others to do the same?…

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