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Man dies from injuries after motorcycle accident

The warmer temperatures are encouraging people to get out and enjoy and enjoy summer. One way that many choose do to just that is by riding their motorcycles. As fun as this activity can be, it also has the potential to be very dangerous for riders. Motorcycle riders do not have the same level of protection as a person in a regular passenger vehicle. One Arizona man recently lost his life in a motorcycle accident where the driver fled on foot after the crash occurred.

Authorities say that the accident occurred when a car made a left turn, failing to yield to the motorcycle in question. Police also allege that the woman driving the car got out of her vehicle and left the scene. The man on the motorcycle initially suffered several serious injuries, including a broken neck and an amputated left leg. He eventually succumbed to his injuries

Officials warn of risk of car accidents in construction zones

The sight of a construction crew is a common one during the summer months. Most construction employees working around roadways expect that drivers will slow down, in accordance with state laws, to ensure everyone's safety. However, some motorists don't always exercise caution the way that they should, which can lead to car accidents that can injure workers or people in other passenger vehicles. This is what police say contributed to a recent accident on an Arizona interstate.

The crash happened on Interstate 15 on a recent weekend afternoon. Authorities say that several vehicles had slowed down due to a construction zone. One driver allegedly failed to see the slowing traffic and rear-ended a car. The driver reportedly told police that he had picked up his coffee to take a drink when the impact occurred and didn't see the other cars before it was too late. Police say that the driver was able to swerve to the left a bit, possibly reducing the force of the impact.

Fatal pedestrian accident claims life of 74-year-old man

Car accidents of any kind have the potential to be devastating. When a motor vehicle accident involves a pedestrian, the risk of severe injury or fatality is even more pronounced. A pedestrian has almost no measure of protection the way that an occupant of a vehicle does. This is likely why an Arizona man lost his life in a recent fatal pedestrian accident.

Authorities say that the incident occurred on a recent Sunday evening. A 74-year-old man was crossing at a red light, using the walk signal. A passenger vehicle making a left-hand turn allegedly struck the man who was in the crosswalk.

Officials in Scottsdale, Arizona, seek to reduce car accidents

Every two years, the numbers of vehicle crashes are released by the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. The data is complied and analyzed based on the type of collision and the locations where car accidents occurred. The report highlights the most hazardous intersections with an objective of reducing these numbers in the future.

Though the overall population has increased substantially, the accident rate per 1,000 residents decreased slightly. An increase in fatal accidents has lead to city officials accepting a grant to purchase an aerial mapping system for accident reconstruction. The new system will reduce the time that a road will be closed to complete an investigation, easing congestion for area motorists. 

Insurance adjusters may trick you out of your claim

Your insurance company may promise to be there for you at your worst moments, and your agent is happy to collect your premium every month for that assurance. However, most insurers are not so willing to give that money back to you in the form of a payout for a claim. No matter how comforting the slogans of insurance companies, it is important to remember that they are businesses, and profit is their goal.

Understandably, an insurance company will not simply hand over a check even if you deserve and need it. You may have to wait through a thorough investigation into your claim. Even then, you may not receive the amount you anticipate. Unfortunately, many insurers are not above manipulating you out of your rightful claim.

Motorcycle accident claims the life of 20-year-old man

Motorcyclists typically know that they are much more vulnerable to accidents than those in a passenger vehicle. They take the proper safety precautions, such as wearing helmets and following the rules of the road, to avoid being involved in any traffic incidents. Sadly, they cannot always count on other motorists to do the same. This may have been the case in a recent motorcycle accident here in Arizona that claimed the life of a 20 -year-old man.

Authorities say that the crash happened on a recent early evening when a woman driving a passenger vehicle was attempting to turn left out of a private driveway and head south. The motorcyclist was apparently driving north, and she allegedly failed to yield to him. Police report that she did not see the motorcycle before the accident occurred.

Fatal car accident caused by DUI, authorities say

It is perfectly understandable that a person of legal age may consume alcohol as part of a celebration, to socialize or as a leisure activity. However, if that same person decides to get behind the wheel, the consequences can be deadly. Arizona police claim that an impaired driver was responsible for a car accident last month. They recently arrested the man, and he is now facing a charge of second-degree murder.

The crash happened on a very late night back in April. Authorities allege that a man was speeding, ran a red light and hit another driver who was heading in the opposite direction. The second driver was rushed to a hospital but pronounced dead soon afterwards. The first driver was also taken to a hospital where his blood alcohol content was apparently tested at 0.213%, which is over the legal limit of 0.08% set by Arizona law.

Arizona pedestrian accident blamed on drunk driver

Any kind of accident involving a motor vehicle can change a family's world forever. When the accident is caused by an impaired driver, the pain may be even greater, as the family struggles to cope with the consequences of someone else's poor decision. One Arizona family may be dealing with this kind of heartbreak after a man lost his life while walking along the sidewalk. Authorities say this pedestrian accident was caused by an underage drunk driver.

According to officials, the accident happened on a recent late evening when a 35-year-old man and an unidentified companion were walking on a sidewalk. The 20-year-old driver of a car is accused of driving onto the sidewalk and hitting the man. The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead there. The person he had been walking with was uninjured.

Truckers in a hurry can be a safety threat for all motorists

Semitrailers and large commercial transport vehicles play a critical role in Arizona's economy. The men and women who drive trucks are responsible for transporting important goods and products across the country, but they must also adhere to specific rules and regulations. Many of these regulations pertain to how many hours these drivers can be behind wheel without a break or time off from the rigors of driving.

Tired drivers are dangerous drivers, and truckers can only operate a truck for a certain number of hours before they have to pull over and take a break. Limiting the number of hours a trucker can drive is an important safety rule, but it can have a negative impact as well. It is possible these rules have truckers actually trying to beat the clock -- travel farther before they have to pull over and take a break.

Car accident leaves 10-year-old boy in critical condition

Getting into a car accident is a common occurrence in modern life. No matter how frequently it happens, though, a car crash is never a small matter for anyone who is seriously injured as a result of one. A person's life could change in an instant, all due to someone else's carelessness. This appear to be the case for a child who was injured in a recent car accident here in Arizona.

Authorities say that incident happened on a recent morning. The 10-year-old boy was a passenger in a northbound vehicle that was using a reversible lane. When the car attempted to turn left, police allege that a truck heading southbound in the right-most lane struck the car. The vehicle then spun and hit a fence.

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