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Medical malpractice case highlights need for proper patient care

When families here in Arizona need to go to the doctor, they trust that they will be given the best of care. Most of the time, this is exactly what happens -- physicians and other medical experts work to ensure that patients are treated properly and professionally. If a patient is hurt, that trust is irrevocably broken, not to mention the physical and emotional toll that it can take on a victim and his or her family. Medical malpractice is a serious issue, as one recent out-of-state case highlights.

In Nebraska, a cosmetic surgeon is facing several medical malpractice lawsuits. Patients allege that the physician has caused them physical harm after improper care. One woman went to the surgeon in question seeking a tummy tuck. According to her, the surgical incisions did not heal correctly, and she now claims that his negligence caused her to have significant scarring as well as a great deal of pain. Other patients allege that they experienced similar outcomes, including disfigurement and painful scars,

Disaster can strike with even a moment of driver inattention

There are a multitude of scenarios in which a motor vehicle accident can occur, and each incident runs the unfortunate risk of posing a major threat to your safety. As you travel along Arizona roads, you may place a high priority on remaining alert and aware of your surroundings, but can you always expect others to do the same?

You can only control so much of what takes place on the road, and other drivers might not place the same value on your safety as you. Should you encounter a distracted driver, you may have little time to react and avoid collision, and you could be the one who suffers the consequences.

Car accidents caused by drunk driving may lead to deaths

A woman was recently sentenced in connection with an Arizona crash that occurred in late 2017 along Interstate 10. The car accident led to two deaths. Sometimes, car accidents stem from a driver's recklessness behind the wheel, which may lead to criminal charges but is also grounds for civil litigation in Arizona.

The fatal accident occurred when the woman apparently decided to drive while intoxicated. Authorities reported that she rear-ended a sport utility vehicle, which caused it to land in the interstate's opposite lanes. One person was ejected from the car and died, and another person in the automobile also died.

Fatal car accidents may stem from driver impairment

A man in Arizona was recently killed in a car crash that police said an impaired driver caused. The allegedly impaired driver now faces criminal charges. However, in addition to facing criminal charges, people who reportedly cause these types of car accidents may find themselves facing trouble in civil court as well.

The recent accident occurred at a little past 2 a.m. on a Sunday. Police said that a pickup truck driver was going quickly in a construction zone. All of a sudden, the driver collided with a Caterpillar excavator that was parked.

Motorcycle accidents may lead to death

A man's life has sadly been cut short in an Arizona motor vehicle crash. The crash involved a car and a motorcycle. Sometimes, motorcycle accidents happen due to a motorist's negligent driving, in which case, the negligent motorist may be held liable for injuries or deaths taking place as a result.

The accident occurred on a recent Friday along Highway 69. Police said they arrived at the scene at around 12:45 p.m. and saw a motorcyclist lying in a driveway leading to a Home Depot store. The motorcyclist was suffering from significant injuries that were life threatening.

Running red lights may lead to fatal car accidents

A woman's life has sadly been snuffed out in a tragic Arizona motor vehicle wreck. The car accident happened on a recent Thursday. These types of car accidents sometimes happen due to another person's carelessness -- for example, a fellow driver may run a red light -- in which case, the at-fault party might be held liable for any resulting injuries or deaths in civil court.

The recent accident took place at a little past noon. Police reported that when they arrived at the crash scene near Loop 202, they discovered a woman with facial injuries. She had apparently been driving a car that ended up colliding with a work truck that a man was driving. At the time of the police's arrival, the woman was unconscious.

Rollover car accidents may lead to serious injuries

Three individuals recently suffered injuries in an Arizona motor vehicle collision. The single-car crash occurred along Interstate 10. Sometimes, these types of car accidents happen as a result of a driver's carelessness behind the wheel, in which case, the driver may be held liable for any injuries occurring as a result.

Authorities said in the recent Arizona accident, which was a rollover collision, two individuals ended up being thrown from the car. Meanwhile, the third person remained inside the motor vehicle. Responders at the scene did not have to use tools to remove the third individual from the car.

Motorcycle accidents: Car drivers' reckless driving caused death

A motorcyclist recently lost his life in a tragic crash in Arizona. At the same time, another motorcyclist suffered injuries in the collision. These types of motorcycle accidents sometimes occur due to another driver's reckless driving, in which case the careless driver may be held financially responsible for all injuries or deaths occurring as a result.

According to authorities, a man was driving south along a road at around 12:38 p.m. on a Thursday. Police said the man then decided to pass a tractor-trailer that was also headed south at the time. However, he ended up going on the road's shoulder to keep from hitting several motorcyclists who were headed north on the same road.

Horrific scooter injuries on the rise

You have your own reasons for renting or purchasing an electric scooter. Perhaps they simply look like a fun way to get where you need to, or you feel you finally found a way to contribute to a cleaner environment. However, if you are among the rising number of Arizona scooter riders who have suffered serious or critical injuries, you may now be wondering if you made the right choice.

E-scooters, as a mode of transportation, are growing in popularity, not just among young people, but also professionals of all ages. Unfortunately, incidents of injury and death associated with these two-wheeled vehicles are also on the rise.

Speeding may lead to injury-causing and fatal car accidents

Three people's lives have been cut short in a tragic single-car accident in Arizona. Meanwhile, two other people suffered critical injuries in the rollover crash. Sometimes, these types of car accidents happen as a result of a person's negligence, which is grounds for litigation.

The recent accident occurred on a Thursday at about 1:09 a.m. in the vicinity of Interstate 17. Police said that the car was speeding and suddenly hit a raised median. This reportedly caused the driver to lose control of the car and drive off the road, where the car crashed into a light post.

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