Two people sadly lost their lives in a recent bus stop crash in Arizona. The pedestrian accident, which occurred on a Saturday, also led to multiple injuries. These types of pedestrian accidents can easily occur due to the carelessness of a car driver, in which case, the driver may be held liable for any injuries or deaths taking place as a result.

According to police, the recent pedestrian accident occurred when a car blew through a red light. Apparently, the driver of the car was trying to pass cars that had stopped. The car ended up striking the back of a sport utility vehicle, and the sport utility vehicle struck a third automobile.

The sport utility vehicle driver was transported to the hospital with injuries but passed away shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, the driver who allegedly started the crash suffered minor injuries. A pedestrian who was at the bus stop in the area of the accident passed away from the crash as well, while two other people at the stop suffered injuries deemed to be life-threatening. Authorities continued to investigate the accident, although no arrests had been made.

The surviving loved ones of the two individuals who died in the Arizona crash may choose to file wrongful death claims against the driver who reportedly caused the accident, seeking damages. Likewise, the injured parties may decide to file personal injury claims. Competent proof of negligence is necessary to establish liability in civil court. Only then will a judge determine claims for monetary damages. A monetary award in a case that is fought successfully might help the plaintiffs to address funeral costs, medical bills and other losses associated with these types of pedestrian accidents.