A man recently lost his life in a motor vehicle crash in Arizona. Two other people suffered injuries in the collision. When these types of car accidents stem from the careless act of a driver — such as drunk driving — this is grounds for litigation.

The recent Arizona car crash took place along Interstate 10. It occurred at about 12:20 a.m. on a Friday. Police said that a car carrying two people had stopped in the freeway for some reason. All of a sudden, another car rear-ended it.

Police reported that the passenger who was riding in the stopped car was killed in the crash. Meanwhile, the driver of this car suffered critical injuries. The man driving the car that reportedly caused the rear-end accident also suffered severe injuries. Both drivers were accused of driving while alcohol impaired at the time of the collision. The driver who police said caused the accident was taken into custody for manslaughter as well.

The surviving loved ones of the passenger who died in the collision may choose to file a wrongful death claim against all parties whose negligence caused or contributed to the accident and death that resulted. If the accused man is convicted in criminal court, proof of the conviction could be offered in civil court as evidence of negligence per se. Claims for damages will be determined once liability is established before the civil court hearing the case. A case that is fought successfully may lead to a monetary award that might help with covering burial costs and other financial losses related to these types of car accidents.