A motorcyclist recently lost his life in a tragic crash in Arizona. At the same time, another motorcyclist suffered injuries in the collision. These types of motorcycle accidents sometimes occur due to another driver’s reckless driving, in which case the careless driver may be held financially responsible for all injuries or deaths occurring as a result.

According to authorities, a man was driving south along a road at around 12:38 p.m. on a Thursday. Police said the man then decided to pass a tractor-trailer that was also headed south at the time. However, he ended up going on the road’s shoulder to keep from hitting several motorcyclists who were headed north on the same road.

The man’s move, however, reportedly caused one motorcyclist to lose control of his bike. The motorcyclist crashed into the tractor trailer head-on and then hit a second motorcyclist as a result. The first motorcyclist passed away at the accident scene. Meanwhile, the second motorcyclist suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital. The car driver who reportedly caused the accident fled the scene but then turned himself in to police on the Sunday following the crash.

The surviving loved ones of the motorcyclist who died in the Arizona accident have the right to file a wrongful death claim against the accused man, seeking a judgment for monetary damages. Likewise, the injured motorcyclist may file a personal injury claim against the car driver. If the car driver ends up convicted of a criminal charge with regard to the crash, proof of the conviction may be presented as proof of negligence per se in a related civil court proceeding. Once liability is established in civil court, claims for damages will be determined. A case that is successfully fought might lead to damages to cover funeral costs, hospital expenses and other losses related to these types of motorcycle accidents.