A man’s life has sadly been cut short in an Arizona motor vehicle crash. The crash involved a car and a motorcycle. Sometimes, motorcycle accidents happen due to a motorist’s negligent driving, in which case, the negligent motorist may be held liable for injuries or deaths taking place as a result.

The accident occurred on a recent Friday along Highway 69. Police said they arrived at the scene at around 12:45 p.m. and saw a motorcyclist lying in a driveway leading to a Home Depot store. The motorcyclist was suffering from significant injuries that were life threatening.

Authorities reported that a pickup truck driver, 82, caused the accident by failing to yield to the motorcyclist. Apparently, the motorcyclist was attempting to turn left into a shopping center when the accident happened. The motorcyclist, 53, passed away after colliding with the pickup truck and being ejected from his bike. Police said that once their investigation was complete, the pickup truck driver would receive a citation for committing a moving violation. As a result, he may have to take part in traffic school, perform community service and even give up his license for as long as one year.

The surviving loved ones of the motorcyclist who died in the accident may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the truck driver, seeking damages. If the truck driver ends up receiving the citation, proof of this may be presented in a related civil court hearing in an effort to establish liability in the accident. A successfully fought suit in Arizona may result in a judicial award of monetary damages, which might help with addressing funeral costs and other expenses tied to such motorcycle accidents.