Those who ride motorcycles often say that they feel a sense of freedom when out on the road. That freedom can also come with a great deal of risk. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, as riders often have less protection than those who are driving a car. An accident here in Arizona highlights this danger as it has left one woman fighting for her life.

Two motorcycle riders collided as they were out riding on a recent evening in Phoenix. One of the riders, an unidentified woman, had to be rushed to a local hospital by fire department personnel. She arrived in critical condition. Authorities are still determining the exact events of the crash.

The driver of the other motorcycle has since been charged with driving while impaired. He was arrested on the scene. One witness claimed that a white pickup truck fled the scene, and could possibly be involved in this incident. The driver of that truck was not immediately located, and police made the decision to consider the crash as a hit and run.

Aside from any criminal charges, the woman or her family could decide to pursue legal action against the other motorcyclist. Even the driver of the pickup truck, once he or she is located, could face civil claims for financial accountability. A personal injury claim filed here in Arizona could be the way for any victims involved to recoup monetary losses due to hospital bills, lost wages or other damages. If the worst happens and the woman does not survive the crash, her surviving family could pursue a wrongful death lawsuit on her behalf.