It is not uncommon for people to have fears in relation to visiting the dentist. Most of the time, dentists are professional and have their patients best interests in mind. However, this area of medical care is not without problematic providers. A recent medical malpractice claim filed here in Arizona illustrates that exact issue, with a patient alleging that his dentist faked certain credentials and put him in harm’s way.

A dentist in the Valley stands accused of falsifying his anesthesia certification. A man who went to that dentist for oral surgery earlier this year is now suing him for medical malpractice and consumer fraud. The man alleges that during the surgery, he began to have difficulty breathing and that the dentist and another periodontist had to stop the procedure before finishing. The former patient now says that he suffered both physical and emotional injury due to the “negligent sedation.”

The dentist in question is also facing criminal charges of fraud. He is accused of forging degrees, signatures and documentation in order to get a permit for administering anesthesia. Authorities say he used Microsoft Word to create these fake documents. It is even possible that the Arizona state dental board knew of the dentist’s alleged offenses and failed to act. A local media outlet claims to have email evidence that the dental board was aware of the situation and allowed the dentist to continue his practice.

Whether the dentist ends up being found guilty of the criminal charges leveled at him, his former patient and potentially other patients may end up receiving financial compensation as a result of this civil lawsuit. Damages awarded to the dentist’s former patients could be used to cover any medical expenses, lost wages or other monetary damages they may have incurred as a result of negligent care. Patients in similar situations here in Arizona may want to pursue a medical malpractice claim under the guidance of an experienced attorney, particularly due to the complexities involved in proving these types of civil claims.