Here in Arizona, and across the country, semitrailers are an important part of the economy, delivering various goods to areas that need them. Despite their needed presence, they can also pose a great danger to other motorists, due to their large size. Trucking accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere and can have devastating consequences, as one recent crash illustrates.

The collision happened on a recent evening in nearby Tolleson. A car was heading south, and the driver was attempting to turn onto an on-ramp for the interstate. The dark-colored car was struck by a north-bound semitrailer. Three victims who were in the car at the time were rushed to a nearby hospital with critical injuries. One of them died at the hospital.

The truck driver remained on the scene of the accident. There is no word about whether the he or she suffered any injuries from the crash. Police have stated that they do not believe that impaired driving played a role in this unfortunate incident, though authorities have not offered any other theories as to exactly what caused the crash.

If the evidence suggests that the driver of the big rig is at fault for the accident, the surviving victims could pursue a personal injury claim against him or her. The family of the victim who was killed could also consider a wrongful death claim. Either type of lawsuit could be a way to recoup any financial losses that may have resulted from medical bills, funeral costs or other monetary damages. Trucking accidents like this one can be a nightmare for those affected, but an experienced attorney in Arizona can help those affected to move forward after such a heartbreaking loss.