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January 2019 Archives

Do you know the signs of internal bleeding?

In a best-case scenario, you would have the ability to go through life without ever suffering any major injuries. Unfortunately, no one can predict whether he or she will end up in an injury-causing event. Everyday activities, like driving, pose major hazards that many individuals do not consider because the activities are so commonplace.

Semitruck accident kills two, including a child

The causes of motor vehicle accidents are as varied as the types of vehicles on the road. When there are questions regarding the cause of an accident, it is crucial to consider all of the circumstances of a crash. Authorities here in Arizona are doing just that as they work to determine what caused a recent semitruck accident that cost two people their lives.

Car accidents: Ban on texting while driving may be coming

Distracted driving continues to be a problem in today's world. Texting and driving is often seen as the pinnacle of distracted driving, with some people saying that it is just as bad as driving under the influence and causes far too many car accidents. Though most states have a ban on texting while driving, Arizona has not yet passed any such state-wide law -- it is one of three states without one. Recently, lawmakers have been suggesting that this year may be the time that a ban will be enacted, and one lawmaker has finally introduced such a bill.

Drunk driver blamed for recent fatal crash

Car crashes are always an upsetting event; those that result in injury or fatality are even more so. When a crash involves an intoxicated driver, the senselessness of the tragedy is amplified even further, as the victims or their families struggle with the consequences of someone else's careless actions. A recent crash here in Arizona that resulted in multiple injuries and one death is being attributed to a drunk driver, and it illustrates how getting behind the wheel while impaired can impact so many other people.

Pedestrian killed after being struck by a truck

Many people know to be cautious of car accidents when they are operating a vehicle. Collisions between vehicles are all too common in Arizona and around the nation. However, car passengers and drivers aren't the only people that can be hurt because of a crash. Pedestrians are often at risk, too. A recent fatal pedestrian accident underscores the fact that the consequences of a car crash can be far-reaching.

Aggressive driving can easily cause serious or fatal accidents

You may be someone who has a love-hate relationship with your daily commute to work. You may enjoy the time to yourself as you drive to your destination since it's probably one of the few times during the day you can have solitary peace and quiet. Of course, you may also hate the way in which other drivers on the road operate their vehicles, which can easily disrupt your peace.

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