By the time a product hits the market, Arizona consumers assume that it is safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as companies sometimes overlook certain defects in a rush to generate a profit. One product that has faced a great deal of scrutiny in recent years is the lithium-ion battery. These products are frequently used to power electronics such as smartphones or tablets, and manufacturers that make them have been targeted in numerous product liability claims. One woman alleges that a fire caused by a lithium-ion battery is responsible for the death of her father.

The woman filed a wrongful death claim on behalf of her father’s estate. She says that a fire that started in his apartment was caused by the lithium-ion battery in his iPad. Her suit claims that a defect in the iPad altered the battery pack, resulting in the fire. It is not clear what the exact defect is alleged to have been.

The fire happened on an early morning, and the man died later the same day. The woman’s civil claim alleges that her father endured pain and suffering due to the severity of his injuries. She is asking Apple, the maker of iPads, to pay damages because of the company’s failure to warn consumers that its product is dangerous.

If this woman’s product liability claim is successful, she could receive monetary damages to cover any documented losses related to her father’s death. Anyone here in Arizona who has suffered an injury from a defective product may wish to follow her example and file a civil claim against any parties deemed responsible. An attorney with knowledge of these types of wrongful death claims can increase a person’s chances of success.