Car crashes are an unavoidable part of life. Even so, there are many actions that drivers can take to minimize the possibility that a crash will occur, or at least reduce the severity of the incident. That is one Arizona mother’s message to the public after she lost a daughter in a collision a couple of months ago. She hopes drivers will listen to her pleas and take steps to avoid car accidents.

The crash happened back in December on a state route in Phoenix. In an area where traffic was slowing down, a truck hit the back of a car, causing that car to hit another. A woman and her young son were in the first car and died as a result of the accident. Authorities say the truck driver was traveling 50 to 60 mph and attempted to brake, but was unable to stop his truck before it struck the car.

The mother of the woman who died hopes that her daughter and grandson’s tragic deaths will raise awareness for other drivers. She wants tougher penalties for those who cause fatal car accidents, though ultimately, she wants drivers to avoid distractions behind the wheel. Authorities say that the truck driver was not impaired and that they found evidence that he tried to stop before the collision occurred. He was charged with Failure to Control Vehicle to Avoid a Collision

Car accidents like this one can leave families at a loss as to how they can continue on without their loved ones. Regardless of whether a driver is convicted in a criminal case, Arizona family members of victims may want to file a wrongful death claim against any parties deemed responsible. A successfully-litigated claim could result in financial compensation that could be used to cover the monetary damages that are typically incurred from a tragedy like this one.