Many people think that having a drink or two before getting behind the wheel is not a big deal. They assume that they are still completely capable of operating a car, but that may not be the case. Drunk driving is the cause of far too many car accidents nationwide. This is what police are alleging in the case of a recent crash here in Arizona that left one woman with serious injuries.

Officials say that the incident happened on a recent weekend. A man allegedly ran a red light and struck another vehicle. Authorities believe the second car was a ride-share vehicle. Two passengers in that vehicle were seriously injured. The woman suffered severe head trauma, and the man suffered a major laceration to his head.

The man who police say is responsible for the crash reportedly drives a bus for a living. Police say that he admitted to consuming two beers before the incident happened, and they say his blood alcohol content was over the legal limit. The man faces charges of aggravated assault and endangerment.

No matter what the outcome of the criminal charges are in this tragic incident, the victims could decide to file a civil claim for personal injuries. Any parties whose negligence contributed to the crash could be held financially responsible for the damages that the victims sustained. Car accidents like this one can dramatically affect the lives of everyone involved. It is crucial that Arizona families know that they have rights that deserve to be upheld.