Vehicle crashes can be devastating in many respects. The people who can be physically harmed as a result of one may have their entire lives changed in an instant, and some even lose their lives. The families of victims may be left questioning how the crash happened, wondering if anything could have prevented the tragedy. Authorities are working to piece together the evidence of a recent crash on an Arizona highway, leaving many to wonder if this was one of those car accidents that should not have occurred.

Officials say the crash happened on a recent afternoon when one car, traveling north and making a left turn, was struck by another that was heading southbound. One witness claims that the southbound vehicle was moving very fast, though authorities have not yet confirmed that report. Both cars spun after colliding.

The driver of the northbound car was transported to the hospital for treatment. Both the driver and passenger of the southbound car also had to be rushed to the hospital for serious injuries. Authorities closed the highway in order to examine the scene of the crash and determine exactly what happened.

These kinds of car accidents can leave more questions than answers, and they can be emotionally difficult for survivors and family members of victims. Once the cause of the accident is determined by Arizona authorities, victims or family members acting on their behalf may decide to file a personal injury claim against any parties deemed responsible. Doing so may result in financial remuneration meant to offset any costs associated with the crash or to compensate for pain and suffering.