The dangers of distracted driving, especially texting and driving, are obvious. Several states around the nation have implemented laws banning the use of cellphones while driving. The Arizona Senate recently passed legislation that would ban using electronic devices while driving, though it has not yet been signed into law. Now, a recent study highlights the benefits to these laws, reporting that they are reducing the severity of car accidents.

The study collected statistics from emergency rooms in 16 states from 2007 to 2014. States that had laws that prohibited texting and driving showed a reduction by 4 percent in emergency room visits after car crashes. The only state that was studied that did not have any distracted driving legislation was Arizona.

Previous studies have focused on how many deaths result from texting and driving, but injuries are a more likely outcome in many car crashes. Though the exact laws vary from state to state, those that had any legislation saw the reduction in ER visits. In states that have primary laws against texting and driving, meaning that police can pull over drivers for using their phones even if they haven’t committed any other violation, there was an 8 percent reduction in injuries caused by car crashes.

Hopefully, the proposed law will be enacted in Arizona. Regardless, the fact remains that distracted driving can hurt people. Those who have been involved in car accidents that were caused by a distracted driver may wish to file a civil claim. A successfully presented claim may result in monetary damages that could be used to compensate for pain and suffering and documented financial losses.