Arizona parents trust that the products they buy for their children are safe. Generally, products meant for children have been through rigorous testing and have a high set of standards manufacturers must adhere to according to regulations. Unfortunately, there are times when a dangerous product still makes its way to the market, resulting in the potential for products liability claims if someone is harmed. This could have been the outcome of a recent product recall issued by the Food and Drug Administration.

Officials at the FDA say that a children’s cough syrup was the focus of the recall. The syrup is sold by Dollar General stores all over the country and it is meant for babies. It has the potential to be contaminated by two different bacteria, both often found in soil. They can result in vomiting or diarrhea when ingested. There is no word on exactly how this contamination occurred.

The pharmaceutical company that makes the cough syrup is looking into the problem, along with representatives of the FDA. The company has stated that anyone who purchased the syrup can return it for a full refund at the store where it was purchased. Thus far, no illnesses have been reported as a result of the ingestion of the cough syrup, though officials caution that young children or those with weakened immune systems may be especially susceptible to any adverse affects.

It remains to be seen if any products liability claims with regard to this cough syrup. Sometimes, innocent consumers are harmed by a dangerous product. Anyone here in Arizona who has suffered because of the negligence of a company who failed to properly vet a faulty product may wish to speak to an attorney about potentially filing a civil claim.