Car accidents of any kind have the potential to be devastating. When a motor vehicle accident involves a pedestrian, the risk of severe injury or fatality is even more pronounced. A pedestrian has almost no measure of protection the way that an occupant of a vehicle does. This is likely why an Arizona man lost his life in a recent fatal pedestrian accident.

Authorities say that the incident occurred on a recent Sunday evening. A 74-year-old man was crossing at a red light, using the walk signal. A passenger vehicle making a left-hand turn allegedly struck the man who was in the crosswalk.

The man was rushed to a nearby hospital in extremely critical condition. Police announced just a few days later that he did not survive his injuries. They also report that the driver did not attempt to flee the scene of the crash. After assessing his condition, they determined that he was not displaying any signs of impairment. There is no word on whether the driver will face any criminal charges in connection with this fatality.

When a life is taken in such a tragic manner as this, it can leave the victim’s family reeling. A fatal pedestrian accident can generate unexpected costs such as funeral expenses or outstanding medical bills. A victim’s family may wish to pursue a civil claim against any responsible parties with the intention of securing monetary damages. Arizona families deserve to know that they have available legal options even in a nightmare scenario like this one.