The warmer temperatures are encouraging people to get out and enjoy and enjoy summer. One way that many choose do to just that is by riding their motorcycles. As fun as this activity can be, it also has the potential to be very dangerous for riders. Motorcycle riders do not have the same level of protection as a person in a regular passenger vehicle. One Arizona man recently lost his life in a motorcycle accident where the driver fled on foot after the crash occurred.

Authorities say that the accident occurred when a car made a left turn, failing to yield to the motorcycle in question. Police also allege that the woman driving the car got out of her vehicle and left the scene. The man on the motorcycle initially suffered several serious injuries, including a broken neck and an amputated left leg. He eventually succumbed to his injuries

Officers say they were able to discern the woman’s identity from pay stubs that were found in the car. She reportedly parked her car at her workplace and walked home, since the office was not open at the time. Police have charged her with leaving the scene of a fatal accident. There is no word on whether she will face any additional charges.

Even if the woman is found not guilty, the family of the man riding the motorcycle may have other options to seek justice. In a motorcycle accident like this one, an Arizona family could decide to file a civil claim against any parties deemed responsible for the crash. A claim that is successfully litigated may result in monetary damages that can help a family recover both financially and emotionally from such a tragic event.