The sight of a construction crew is a common one during the summer months. Most construction employees working around roadways expect that drivers will slow down, in accordance with state laws, to ensure everyone’s safety. However, some motorists don’t always exercise caution the way that they should, which can lead to car accidents that can injure workers or people in other passenger vehicles. This is what police say contributed to a recent accident on an Arizona interstate.

The crash happened on Interstate 15 on a recent weekend afternoon. Authorities say that several vehicles had slowed down due to a construction zone. One driver allegedly failed to see the slowing traffic and rear-ended a car. The driver reportedly told police that he had picked up his coffee to take a drink when the impact occurred and didn’t see the other cars before it was too late. Police say that the driver was able to swerve to the left a bit, possibly reducing the force of the impact.

The drivers of both cars and the passenger in the second car all had to be transported to a nearby hospital to have their injuries treated. Authorities have charged the driver of the first car with failing to control a vehicle to avoid a collision. Officials say that it is imperative that people pay extra attention around construction zones in order to avoid further incidents like this one.

A crash like this one can have a far-reaching effect on a person’s life. No matter the result of the criminal charges this man is facing, the victims in the other car could decide to file a civil claim against him. If the victims receive monetary damages from such a claim, it could help them cover any outstanding expenses they incurred due to the collision. An experienced personal injury attorney here in Arizona can explain the process of civil litigation to anyone who is in a similar situation.