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July 2019 Archives

Personal injury risk from taco seasoning and salmonella

Consumers trust that the products they buy at stores are safe for them and their families. That trust is particularly important with anything that a person may ingest, such as medicine or food. When a product is exposed to contamination, it can hurt more than just a company's bottom line -- it can endanger people, leading to the possibility of a personal injury claim. This is exactly what could have happened to someone in Arizona after Williams Foods LLC reports that some of its taco seasoning may have been exposed to salmonella.

Insurance companies are not your friends

When you purchase car insurance, the friendliness of your insurance agent may be refreshing. You may feel that an insurance company would advocate for your wellbeing if you ever needed to file a claim. Unfortunately, the truth is that insurance companies are businesses.

Motorcycle accident claims 1 life, injures another

A family's life can change in the blink of an eye. Those who have lost loved ones to motor vehicle accidents know that pain all too well. When that accident is tied to impaired driving, it can seem all the more cruel, since the tragedy could have been avoided. This is what one family is likely enduring after a young man lost his life in a motorcycle accident that also left his girlfriend injured. Arizona police allege that the person who caused the crash was driving under the influence.

Study examines causes of medical malpractice

When it comes to health, people generally trust medical professionals to provide them with the highest standard of care. Though the vast majority of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals do everything within their power to help their patients, mistakes can still happen. When they do, they can be deadly. One recent study examined some of the biggest reasons that people have to file medical malpractice claims, and the results may be surprising for Arizona families.

Teen in car accident warns of dangers of impaired driving

When a car accident of any kind happens, those involved may speculate whether the incident could have been prevented. Sometimes, there are very clear indications that a crash was entirely preventable. When a motorist makes the choice to drive after consuming alcohol or another substance that can cause impairment, it is a decision that can have disastrous consequences. One Arizona teen considers herself lucky to be alive after she was involved in a car accident with a driver who authorities say was impaired at the time of the crash.

Car accidents: Multiple injuries in Glendale

Police in Glendale have confirmed that a serious accident injured several people, including children. The two-car crash apparently happened on the afternoon of June 24. So far, Arizona authorities have made no arrests pertaining to this case, but as with many car accidents causing injury, this one is still under investigation and will remain so until an answer has been found. 

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