Police in Glendale have confirmed that a serious accident injured several people, including children. The two-car crash apparently happened on the afternoon of June 24. So far, Arizona authorities have made no arrests pertaining to this case, but as with many car accidents causing injury, this one is still under investigation and will remain so until an answer has been found. 

According to the report, it appears that around 4:46 p.m. a truck driven by an unknown individual and carrying a 5-year-old child attempted to make a left-hand turn at an intersection. A passenger vehicle carrying two adults and four children aged 2 weeks to 8 years old apparently struck the truck. It is not clear from the report which of the vehicles had the right of way at the time. 

All individuals involved in this accident were taken to local hospitals in life-threatening condition. They have since been downgraded to stable condition, but the exact nature of their injuries, as well as their identities, have not been released to the public at this time. Police are unsure whether proper child restraints were being employed in either vehicle at the time of the accident. 

Car accidents causing injury to children can have long-lasting implications for them. Even minor injuries can seriously influence a child’s development. Arizona authorities will work tirelessly to determine which of the drivers was at fault for the crash, as well as whether the children were properly restrained when the crash happened. It is possible that one or more drivers could be subjected to personal injury lawsuits by the parents and/or guardians of the injured children.