Consumers trust that the products they buy at stores are safe for them and their families. That trust is particularly important with anything that a person may ingest, such as medicine or food. When a product is exposed to contamination, it can hurt more than just a company’s bottom line — it can endanger people, leading to the possibility of a personal injury claim. This is exactly what could have happened to someone in Arizona after Williams Foods LLC reports that some of its taco seasoning may have been exposed to salmonella.

According to Williams Foods, two different kinds of its taco seasoning could contain salmonella. The spice packet contains cumin spice that came from a supplier. The supplier put out a recall for a batch of its cumin after a customer tested the product and the results said it could be contaminated with salmonella. Certain groups of people, like children or the elderly, may be at risk for serious illness if exposed to the bacteria. People can even spread the infection without actually having any symptoms themselves.

So far, no one has reported being sickened by the products. Williams Foods stated that the recall was a precautionary measure. The company said that customers can either throw out the potentially affected product or return it to the store for a refund.

Though no one in this particular instance appears to be affected by a salmonella contamination, this sort of thing can happen to families. Companies who do not take proper precautions in the production of their products put people at serious risk. A person here in Arizona who is hurt by a company’s negligence may want to file a personal injury claim. An attorney with experience in handling these types of cases can explain all available options to a victim or his or her family.