Whether a pedestrian is walking out of pleasure or necessity, he or she trusts that nearby motorists will use caution. Even so, pedestrian accidents happen all too often here in Arizona and around the country. They can often leave victims and/or their families with questions about what exactly occurred and how to seek justice. This could very well be the case in one recent pedestrian fatality that authorities say was caused by a hit-and-run driver.

The incident happened on a recent weekend on local roads in Tucson. Police say that a 40-year-old woman was hit by a car heading south as it went through an intersection. The driver stopped to help the woman, as did several other motorists. However, before police came on the scene, another car allegedly hit the woman a second time. That car fled the scene of the accident and police are still searching for the driver.

The woman died at the scene, despite attempts to administer treatment. Police say that they do not believe that speed or drunk driving factored into the first collision. They have not released more information about the vehicle in the second collision. There is no word on whether the driver of either car will be charged with a crime in connection with the death.

Once police have concluded their investigation, they may decide to file criminal charges against any parties deemed responsible for this incident. Pedestrian accidents often result in more serious injury or have an increased risk of fatality when compared to crashes involving only passenger vehicles. Anyone who is the victim of a pedestrian collision like this one may want to discuss legal options with an attorney. An experienced legal professional here in Arizona may be a victim’s best chance at seeking justice.