Families trust that whatever they purchase at a store is safe for their families. Whether it’s medicine, a toy for a child or something to eat, they assume that the item will not harm anyone if used correctly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and people may end up buying something that could injure, sicken or even kill someone they care about. A recent recall of deli meat in a grocery store here in Arizona could have necessitated a personal injury claim if the store hadn’t taken action.

The store in question recalled several varieties of sliced deli meat over concerns that it might have been contaminated with human blood borne pathogens. Employees discovered the problem after an internal audit in the deli, looking at their procedures for food safety. There is no word on exactly what might have caused the potential contamination, but for now, no one has reported getting sick or injured from consuming any of the meat. The grocery store reports that anyone who purchased the potentially-affected products can return them for a refund or replacement.

One expert, a medical toxicologist, says that contamination happens more often than people realize. He says that workers may cut their hand without realizing and affect the food products they work with. The doctor also said that in cases like this, people aren’t likely to get sick, but there is always the concern than more serious diseases, such as HIV or a Hepatitis B or C, could be spread this way.

Even if this particular recall doesn’t cause anyone harm, it serves as a reminder that companies aren’t always so careful. Those who consume contaminated food may end up becoming very ill, contracting a disease or even losing their lives. Families affected in this way by the carelessness of a company may want to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim. An experienced attorney here in Arizona may be a family’s best chance at seeking justice.