A car crash can be a minor inconvenience or a devastating event, depending on the circumstances. When a collision harms someone who wasn’t even inside one of the vehicles, the risk of serious injury is significant. Pedestrians or cyclists don’t have the same level of protection that other victims of a car accident might have, meaning a family’s life can be changed in an instant. This may be what one family is experiencing after two children and an elderly woman were hurt in a pedestrian accident, according to Arizona police.

Authorities report that the crash happened when one car stopped at an intersection, waiting for the light to change. That car was apparently rear-ended by another one, causing the first to be pushed into the crosswalk. At the time, a family was reportedly attempting to cross the street. A 3-year-old child, and an 88-year-old woman suffered serious injuries, while a 10-year-old child sustained less-serious injuries. All of them were rushed to a local hospital for treatment.

Officials haven’t filed charges, but are still investigating the incident. They do not believe that impairment was a contributing factor. It it unclear whether police intend to file any criminal charges in connection with the crash.

Even if authorities opt not to press charges against anyone connected with the accident, the victims of this pedestrian accident, or their families, could decide to file a civil claim. A personal injury claim that names parties deemed responsible for the accident could result in monetary damages that might be of use to the family in dealing with expenses that likely resulted from the crash. An attorney here in Arizona with extensive experience in this type of litigation may be a valuable resource.