People who ride motorcycles generally know the increased danger they face. A motorcycle doesn’t offer as much protection to any riders the same way that a passenger vehicle or larger motor vehicle does. This doesn’t stop people from continuing to ride motorcycles, and most riders take proper safety precautions to protect themselves. That doesn’t mean riders can control the actions of other motorists who may decide to drive in an unsafe manner or who may even drink alcohol before driving. Police here in Arizona think that an impaired driver may be the cause for a recent serious motorcycle accident.

According to authorities, the incident happened on a recent weekend morning, around 10 a.m. A 21-year-old woman was allegedly driving south on a local road when she made a left hand turn. Police say that she hit a motorcycle heading west on the road she was turning onto. The driver of the motorcycle suffered serious injuries and was rushed away for emergency care.

Officials say that had probable cause to believe the driver of the car was intoxicated at the time of the collision. They evaluated her for impairment and took her to the local county jail. She was charged with a count of aggravated assault. Police say that their investigation is not yet complete.

Even if this woman receives no other criminal charges, the motorcyclist and the family of the motorcyclist have other legal options available. They could decide to file a civil claim here in Arizona against her due to the medical bills and other costs that will likely result from the motorcycle accident. Anyone who is in a similar situation may wish to follow this option as well. It may be the best way to hold those parties deemed responsible accountable for their actions, as well has help the motorcyclist and all who are affected.