Schools have been back in session for awhile now across Arizona. Though many families are excited about the beginning of the school year, it can also bring an increased risk of danger, due to more traffic around school zones. While most people utilize safe driving practices, mistakes still happen, and they can be tragic when they do. This is what one family is dealing with after a young student was struck by a vehicle in a pedestrian accident.

According to police, the incident happened on a recent afternoon. A 15-year-old girl was attempting to cross a street outside her high school when she was allegedly struck by a car being driven by another student. Police say the girl was using the crosswalk and that the other student’s car hit her when the driver was attempting to make a right turn. First responders rushed the girl to a nearby hospital where she was treated for serious head injuries.

Officials report that the young driver made no attempt to flee the scene and has been cooperative throughout the investigation. Other parents are concerned about the collision and report that their own children have had similar near misses. Very recently, two other teens were struck by a different vehicle near the school and had to be hospitalized.

There is no word on whether the teen driver will face any criminal charges in conjunction with this incident. Even so, the family of the girl hit in this pedestrian accident could file a civil claim against any parties deemed responsible. Arizona parents deserve to have peace of mind that, should the unthinkable happen, there are legal channels available to hold those at fault accountable. An experienced personal injury attorney can answer questions for anyone in a similar situation.