Red-light running is up across the nation, but as an Arizona motorist, your odds of having a red-light runner crash into you are higher than they are elsewhere. In fact, the Arizona Republic reports that Arizona ranks first in the nation for the number of deadly red-light crashes that occur on its soil, seeing 35 deaths caused by red-light runners each year between 2008 and 2017.

While the Phoenix area sees a particularly high amount of red-light road deaths, with 132 of them within that recent 10-year period, other Arizona communities are not far behind. Tucson saw the second-highest number of deadly red-light crashes in the state, or 49 of them, within that same span.

Contributing factors

Why is it that you face such an elevated risk of a crash with a red-light runner when you live or travel around Arizona? Several different factors may contribute to the high number of traffic fatalities caused by motorists who run red lights. These factors include speed, distracted driving and aggressive driving.

Speed is particularly troublesome, and this is due in part to the fact that Arizona’s flat roadways and favorable weather may make drivers more likely to exceed the speed limit. Distracted driving, too, is a common factor in red-light crashes, with many motorists who cause them using their cellphones at the time of their incidents.

Red-light cameras

Many communities that see high rates of red-light running install traffic cameras that seek to raise awareness and catch red-light runners in the act. Studies show that large communities that install red-light cameras see a reduction in such crashes by an average of 21%.