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3 people injured in pedestrian accident

A car crash can be a minor inconvenience or a devastating event, depending on the circumstances. When a collision harms someone who wasn't even inside one of the vehicles, the risk of serious injury is significant. Pedestrians or cyclists don't have the same level of protection that other victims of a car accident might have, meaning a family's life can be changed in an instant. This may be what one family is experiencing after two children and an elderly woman were hurt in a pedestrian accident, according to Arizona police.

Fatal pedestrian accidents may leave police with questions

Whether a pedestrian is walking out of pleasure or necessity, he or she trusts that nearby motorists will use caution. Even so, pedestrian accidents happen all too often here in Arizona and around the country. They can often leave victims and/or their families with questions about what exactly occurred and how to seek justice. This could very well be the case in one recent pedestrian fatality that authorities say was caused by a hit-and-run driver.

Authorities name suspect in fatal hit-and-run pedestrian accident

Pedestrians face an increased risk of injury when they are in close proximity to traffic. However, most drivers will use caution and do everything possible to avoid hitting a person traveling on foot. Unfortunately, not every motorist is as careful as he or she should be, and that can result in serious tragedy. This is what Arizona authorities allege, as they recently published the identity of a man suspected of a hit-and-run that killed two people in a pedestrian accident.

Fatal pedestrian accident claims life of 74-year-old man

Car accidents of any kind have the potential to be devastating. When a motor vehicle accident involves a pedestrian, the risk of severe injury or fatality is even more pronounced. A pedestrian has almost no measure of protection the way that an occupant of a vehicle does. This is likely why an Arizona man lost his life in a recent fatal pedestrian accident.

Arizona pedestrian accident blamed on drunk driver

Any kind of accident involving a motor vehicle can change a family's world forever. When the accident is caused by an impaired driver, the pain may be even greater, as the family struggles to cope with the consequences of someone else's poor decision. One Arizona family may be dealing with this kind of heartbreak after a man lost his life while walking along the sidewalk. Authorities say this pedestrian accident was caused by an underage drunk driver.

Police investigating two different fatal pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians who are struck by vehicles have a higher risk of serious injury or fatality. Though many cities in Arizona and around the nation take extra precautions to try and avoid pedestrian accidents, they still occur. Police in Phoenix are investigating two separate crashes that took the lives of two different people on the same day.

Report shows rise in rate of fatal pedestrian accidents

Pedestrians walk for many reasons, including exercise, work or just to get wherever they need to be. Though walking has a great deal of benefit, it also comes with its fair share of risk. Pedestrians are sometimes struck by passing vehicles. Arizona families may be interested to know of a recent report that has discovered a sharp rise in the number of fatal pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian killed after being struck by a truck

Many people know to be cautious of car accidents when they are operating a vehicle. Collisions between vehicles are all too common in Arizona and around the nation. However, car passengers and drivers aren't the only people that can be hurt because of a crash. Pedestrians are often at risk, too. A recent fatal pedestrian accident underscores the fact that the consequences of a car crash can be far-reaching.

Pedestrian accidents can happen if car does not stop at red light

Two people sadly lost their lives in a recent bus stop crash in Arizona. The pedestrian accident, which occurred on a Saturday, also led to multiple injuries. These types of pedestrian accidents can easily occur due to the carelessness of a car driver, in which case, the driver may be held liable for any injuries or deaths taking place as a result.

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