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Who Is At Fault In A Car Accident Changing Lanes?


Who Is At Fault In A Car Accident Changing Lanes?

Posted On October 23, 2020 In Car Accidents

Vehicle accidents occur in a variety of ways, often when a person is changing lanes. Lane changing accidents, as with other types of vehicle collisions, can present significant challenges when it comes to securing compensation. This is particularly true when working to determine liability.…

Can red light cameras reduce accidents in Phoenix?

Posted On February 20, 2020 In Car Accidents,Firm News,Pedestrian Accidents

The Phoenix Street Transportation Department has reviewed three years of driver and pedestrian crash data from the city’s red light intersections. As reported by KJZZ 91.5 in January 2020, the intersections where drivers most frequently run red lights include 43rd Avenue and Encanto, 21st Avenue and Glendale, and 27th Avenue and Adams. …

Fatal car accidents from running red lights highest in a decade

Posted On September 15, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Though car crashes in Arizona can be attributed to many different causes, it is particularly troubling when they result from something the driver intentionally does or fails to do. The victims of these kinds of car accidents and their families may struggle to come to terms with what happened, especially if when they result in serious injury or fatality.…

Fatal car accidents: Man facing murder charges in woman’s death

Posted On August 12, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

A car crash happens often affects more people than those who were directly involved. The family and friends of any victims often have to deal with the aftermath of car accidents, particularly if their loved one died as a result. This may be what one family of an Arizona woman is experiencing after she recently lost her life when a man allegedly ran into her during a street race.…

Several car accidents due to wrong-way driving

Posted On August 5, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

When any kind of car crash occurs, the effects can be devastating. However, when several car accidents that share common factors happen, it can be particularly perplexing. Families may be left with more questions than answers as they attempt to go on without their loved one.…

Teen in car accident warns of dangers of impaired driving

Posted On July 10, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

When a car accident of any kind happens, those involved may speculate whether the incident could have been prevented. Sometimes, there are very clear indications that a crash was entirely preventable. When a motorist makes the choice to drive after consuming alcohol or another substance that can cause impairment, it is a decision that can have disastrous consequences.…

Car accidents: Multiple injuries in Glendale

Posted On July 2, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Police in Glendale have confirmed that a serious accident injured several people, including children. The two-car crash apparently happened on the afternoon of June 24. So far, Arizona authorities have made no arrests pertaining to this case, but as with many car accidents causing injury, this one is still under investigation and will remain so until an answer has been found. …

Officials warn of risk of car accidents in construction zones

Posted On June 10, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

The sight of a construction crew is a common one during the summer months. Most construction employees working around roadways expect that drivers will slow down, in accordance with state laws, to ensure everyone’s safety. However, some motorists don’t always exercise caution the way that they should, which can lead to car accidents that can injure workers or people in other passenger vehicles.…

Officials in Scottsdale, Arizona, seek to reduce car accidents

Posted On May 30, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Every two years, the numbers of vehicle crashes are released by the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. The data is complied and analyzed based on the type of collision and the locations where car accidents occurred. The report highlights the most hazardous intersections with an objective of reducing these numbers in the future.…

Fatal car accident caused by DUI, authorities say

Posted On May 13, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

It is perfectly understandable that a person of legal age may consume alcohol as part of a celebration, to socialize or as a leisure activity. However, if that same person decides to get behind the wheel, the consequences can be deadly.…

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