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Officials in Scottsdale, Arizona, seek to reduce car accidents


Officials in Scottsdale, Arizona, seek to reduce car accidents

Posted On May 30, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Every two years, the numbers of vehicle crashes are released by the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. The data is complied and analyzed based on the type of collision and the locations where car accidents occurred. The report highlights the most hazardous intersections with an objective of reducing these numbers in the future.…

Fatal car accident caused by DUI, authorities say

Posted On May 13, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

It is perfectly understandable that a person of legal age may consume alcohol as part of a celebration, to socialize or as a leisure activity. However, if that same person decides to get behind the wheel, the consequences can be deadly.…

Car accident leaves 10-year-old boy in critical condition

Posted On April 27, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Getting into a car accident is a common occurrence in modern life. No matter how frequently it happens, though, a car crash is never a small matter for anyone who is seriously injured as a result of one. A person’s life could change in an instant, all due to someone else’s carelessness.…

Car accident injures 4, including 3 children

Posted On April 15, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Most parents would do whatever it takes to protect their children. Unfortunately, there are many dangers in the world that are outside of a parent’s control. Car crashes fall into this category, as most parents are careful to teach their children to wear a seat belt and practice proper safety measures while in and around vehicles.…

Car accidents: State Senate considers distracted driving bill

Posted On April 8, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Most people know just how dangerous using a cellphone can be while driving. Several states and local governments have passed laws forbidding people from using cellphones during the operation of a motor vehicle. The Arizona Senate recently passed a bill that makes it a crime for a driver to hold a mobile device while a vehicle is moving.…

Texting and driving laws appear to help limit car accidents

Posted On March 23, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

The dangers of distracted driving, especially texting and driving, are obvious. Several states around the nation have implemented laws banning the use of cellphones while driving. The Arizona Senate recently passed legislation that would ban using electronic devices while driving, though it has not yet been signed into law.…

Car accidents: Police arrest man suspected of drunk driving

Posted On March 17, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Many people think that having a drink or two before getting behind the wheel is not a big deal. They assume that they are still completely capable of operating a car, but that may not be the case. Drunk driving is the cause of far too many car accidents nationwide.…

Highway crash shows how car accidents can leave questions

Posted On March 5, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Vehicle crashes can be devastating in many respects. The people who can be physically harmed as a result of one may have their entire lives changed in an instant, and some even lose their lives. The families of victims may be left questioning how the crash happened, wondering if anything could have prevented the tragedy.…

Mom wants daughter’s death to serve as warning for car accidents

Posted On February 11, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Car crashes are an unavoidable part of life. Even so, there are many actions that drivers can take to minimize the possibility that a crash will occur, or at least reduce the severity of the incident. That is one Arizona mother’s message to the public after she lost a daughter in a collision a couple of months ago.…

Car accidents: Ban on texting while driving may be coming

Posted On January 23, 2019 In Car Accidents,Firm News

Distracted driving continues to be a problem in today’s world. Texting and driving is often seen as the pinnacle of distracted driving, with some people saying that it is just as bad as driving under the influence and causes far too many car accidents.…

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