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Study examines causes of medical malpractice


Study examines causes of medical malpractice

Posted On July 13, 2019 In Firm News,Personal injury

When it comes to health, people generally trust medical professionals to provide them with the highest standard of care. Though the vast majority of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals do everything within their power to help their patients, mistakes can still happen.…

Potential product liability related to children’s cough syrup

Posted On April 2, 2019 In Firm News,Personal injury

Arizona parents trust that the products they buy for their children are safe. Generally, products meant for children have been through rigorous testing and have a high set of standards manufacturers must adhere to according to regulations. Unfortunately, there are times when a dangerous product still makes its way to the market, resulting in the potential for products liability claims if someone is harmed.…

Apple facing product liability claim after fatal iPad fire

Posted On February 25, 2019 In Firm News,Personal injury

By the time a product hits the market, Arizona consumers assume that it is safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as companies sometimes overlook certain defects in a rush to generate a profit. One product that has faced a great deal of scrutiny in recent years is the lithium-ion battery.…

Product liability: Fisher-Price recalls thousands of toy cars

Posted On February 18, 2019 In Firm News,Personal injury

Parents generally want only the best for their children. When considering issues around child safety, things like car seats and protective sports gear come to mind. Arizona families trust that what their children play with is completely safe. Unfortunately, toys and other products for kids that can pose a hidden danger sometimes hit the market before they can be stopped, creating the possibility of product liability.…

Medical malpractice: Dentist faked anesthesia certification

Posted On December 29, 2018 In Firm News,Personal injury

It is not uncommon for people to have fears in relation to visiting the dentist. Most of the time, dentists are professional and have their patients best interests in mind. However, this area of medical care is not without problematic providers.…

Medical malpractice case highlights need for proper patient care

Posted On December 10, 2018 In Firm News,Personal injury

When families here in Arizona need to go to the doctor, they trust that they will be given the best of care. Most of the time, this is exactly what happens — physicians and other medical experts work to ensure that patients are treated properly and professionally.…

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