Fires, Explosions And Burns

Negligence comes in many forms. Few are more terrifying or dramatic as when a fire or explosion causes severe burns or injury-related death. There are a number of reasons why these cataclysmic events occur, and the cause can be difficult to determine because the resulting fire often destroys evidence. A seasoned personal injury attorney with experience in gas explosions, utility litigation, premises liability, gas components and mechanical/civil engineering can be a tremendous asset when you or a loved one has suffered a propane explosion injury or was a victim in an explosion or fire.

David Shapiro Law, PLLC, is a personal injury firm that has successfully represented clients facing these types of cases. We work with explosion and fire experts and investigators to determine the cause and whether there was negligence on the part of one party or combination of parties. We also work with skilled medical professionals and therapists to learn the true extent of the victim’s damages and injuries.

Negligent Parties Commonly Associated With Fires And Explosions

We have brought claims against a number of different entities responsible for the injuries. These include:

  • Gas companies
  • Construction companies
  • Occupants or owners of the site
  • Builders of the site
  • Utilities
  • Mechanical engineering firms
  • Civil engineering firms
  • General contractors
  • Gas contractors
  • Gas plumbing companies
  • Gas product manufacturers

Defending Your Right To Compensation

Our founding attorney David Shapiro’s track record speaks for itself. We have deep knowledge of the law as well as the experts to build strong cases based on all available facts. We will fight to ensure that our injured clients and their families get the compensation they deserve for these life-changing injuries, burns and injury-related deaths.

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