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Tempe Personal Injury Attorney

Tempe Personal Injury Attorney

Most personal injuries in Tempe, Arizona are preventable. They occur most often when someone is negligent, reckless, or malicious. If someone else’s mistake or lapse in judgment caused your injuries or a loved one’s death, you may have grounds to file a civil claim against that person. A civil claim could provide justice for your family by holding the at-fault party accountable. It could result in financial compensation from the defendant.

David Shapiro Law, PLLC is a plaintiff’s personal injury law firm that represents clients in Tempe, Scottsdale, and surrounding cities. If you have been in an accident in Arizona and would like to discuss your injuries and legal rights with an attorney for free, contact us to schedule an initial consultation. David Shapiro is a trusted lawyer in Tempe with a long history of providing high-quality legal representation.

Why Choose Our Tempe Personal Injury Attorneys?

  • We have been providing aggressive, strategic, and custom-tailored representation to victims of personal injury accidents in Arizona for years. Our case results showcase some of our victories.
  • We take the time to get to know our clients so we understand their concerns and can respond to their needs. We believe in the strength and effectiveness of personalized legal services.
  • We do not wish to add to the financial duress of our clients. Our law firm takes all personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis, with no fees charged unless we win.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law gives injured people the right to pursue financial restitution (damages) for their losses from the party or parties that caused them. Personal injury law is a civil process, not criminal. It does not seek to charge the at-fault party with a crime or sentence him or her to jail. Instead, it is a system that makes accident victims whole again. A victim can generally recover compensation for damages if he or she can prove four main elements.

  1. Duty of care.
  2. Deviation from the duty of care.
  3. Direct cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.
  4. Damages inflicted by the breach.

If the courts find a defendant civilly liable for a plaintiff’s damages, that defendant will have to pay financial compensation to make up for the victim’s economic and noneconomic losses. These can include medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. As the victim of any type of accident in Arizona, if you have injuries because of someone else’s negligence, you may have the right to recover money damages.

What Does a Plaintiff’s Attorney Do?

A plaintiff’s attorney represents the injured party, or victim, of a personal injury accident during a claim to damages. It is a licensed professional who gives the victim a voice during insurance claim negotiations or a personal injury lawsuit. Victims who hire personal injury lawyers for their claims in Arizona can benefit from the many services a lawyer provides.

  • Assistance with medical care
  • Accident investigation and reconstruction
  • Eyewitness interviewing
  • Data and evidence collection
  • Claim building and filing
  • Insurance settlement negotiations
  • Representation during a trial

Your attorney can accurately and honestly answer your questions during an otherwise confusing time. With a lawyer in your corner, you can spot insurance bad faith and combat these tactics to achieve the best possible case outcome. An attorney will fight for maximum compensation every step of the way on your behalf.

What Types of Cases Does David Shapiro Accept?

David Shapiro Law, PLLC is a full-service personal injury law firm with a variety of practice areas. Our practice areas are types of cases in which we have extensive knowledge, education, and experience. It is important to find a lawyer with a history specifically in the type of accident that injured you or killed a loved one. This will ensure your lawyer has the ability and resources to correctly handle your case. David Shapiro and his associates accept many different types of cases within the umbrella of personal injury law.

If you do not see your accident type here or wish to learn more about the cases we accept, call (480) 300-5405 to speak directly to one of our attorneys. We can listen to your story, advise you on your rights and let you know if we are the right fit for your personal injury claim. Our initial consultations are always 100% free, confidential, and come with no obligation to hire one of our lawyers.

How Do You File a Claim in Arizona?

If you have injuries and believe someone else to be legally responsible, work with a lawyer to file a claim to damages. You must first identify the defendant: the party you are claiming caused your injuries or damages. Then, you will need to visit the civil courthouse in the county where the accident happened or where the defendant resides to obtain the correct filing documents. A lawyer can help you determine the defendant and fill out legal paperwork.

You have a maximum of two years to bring a personal injury cause of action in the State of Arizona. Two years is the state’s statute of limitations on all personal injury claims. If you are filing a wrongful death lawsuit, your family has two years from the date of death to file the paperwork. If you do not meet your two-year deadline, you will most likely forfeit the right to seek financial compensation for your damages. Do not delay in seeking advice or assistance from a personal injury attorney after a serious accident in Arizona.

Build your claim by collecting as much information about the accident and your injuries as you can, starting the day of your accident, if possible. Take pictures of the scene of the accident and keep all related medical documents and records. Report the accident to someone, such as the police or a property manager. All of this information can serve as the foundation of your personal injury suit against one or more defendants in Tempe. Then, contact an attorney to help you with the rest of the claims process.

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At David Shapiro Law, PLLC, we are passionate about bringing negligent parties to justice and achieving the results our clients need to move forward. Do not delay. Contact us immediately after a serious accident in Tempe, Arizona. Request a free consultation today at (480) 300-5405.

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