Truck Accidents

Trucks are crucial to the American economy. Unfortunately, because of their size, they can be deadly or inflict serious harm to other motorists. Large commercial trucks like tractor-trailers, big rigs, or eighteen-wheelers weigh up to 20 times as much as a passenger car. Moreover, trucks are considerably larger than a passenger car and may be carrying up to 80,000 pounds of payload. This means that even the sturdiest of cars or light trucks will be decimated if stricken by a semi-truck. Victims of truck accidents — those in or outside the truck — are likely to be killed or sustain brain damage, spinal injuries, amputations and other very serious injuries.

The chances for trucking accident injuries are made even higher by the lax federal and state regulations governing trucking companies and manufacturers. The reluctance to impose and even enforce tough safety standards on trucking companies and manufacturers have created a climate where profit always wins over safety. Not surprisingly, some trucking companies, in an effort to maximize profits and appease shareholders, ignore safety regulations, skip scheduled maintenance, and understaff truck drivers.

Accidents involving cars can range from minor fender benders to extremely severe crashes. Those involving semi-trucks, however, are rarely minor and most involve serious injury or even death. Even smaller or personal trucks can still inflict serious personal injury or harm to smaller, passenger cars on the road. In fact, pick-ups and other personal trucks are also more than twice as likely as passenger cars to have a fatal rollover accident. And even some pickups have seen a trend of recalls for auto design or manufacturing defects that can put their occupants at grave risk, such as defective tires, door latches that don’t work and improperly secured and designed seat belts.

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, David Shapiro Law, PLLC, represents those injured by trucks including 18-wheeler trucks, tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, pick-up trucks and other large motor vehicles. Along with the severe injuries that are commonplace, there are a number of other issues involved. Attorneys for the trucking company, their insurance company and other concerned corporate entities will send their Accident Response Teams to the collision scene not long after the first responders to start defending the trucking line to prevent the injured party from recovering fair compensation. If you were injured in a trucking accident, you need to seek medical care immediately and contact us as soon as possible after the truck-related crash so we can quickly begin our investigation and build our case against the responsible entities.

We Conduct Our Own Investigation

At David Shapiro Law, PLLC, we handle the entire case from start to finish. You should hire a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible if you are injured in 18-wheeler accident to give yourself the best chance of preserving critical evidence before it is destroyed. As soon as you call us, Scottsdale truck accident attorney David Shapiro will immediately call trucking accident experts and specialists such as an accident reconstructionist, biomechanical engineer, automotive/truck design expert and others to inspect the scene, collect and document all of the roadway evidence. It goes without saying that in truck accidents, time is always of the essence.

We conduct our own investigation of the truck accident to build our case. Along with examining the circumstances of the crash and whether it was driver error or an equipment defect, we also consider the following:

  • Was the truck driver properly licensed and trained?
  • Was the truck driver observing safety protocols such as not exceeding the maximum hours they are allowed to be behind the wheel?
  • Was the truck driver speeding to meet delivery deadlines imposed by the company?
  • Was the truck properly maintained and were safety checks regularly conducted?
  • Was the truck driver under the influence of alcohol?
  • Was the truck driver under the influence of prescription drugs?
  • Were the truck’s tires unsafe or defective?
  • Did the truck have improper reflectors?
  • Was the truck’s load unsecured or improperly mounted?
  • Did the truck driver make an aggressive maneuver such as an unsafe lane change?

Building A Strong Case For You

We bring in trucking experts who will look at each and every possible cause of the crash. Our experts will go to the crash scene, collect, obtain and document valuable evidence, inspect the truck, look at the truck’s condition including its brakes and maintenance history. We also will look at the driver’s logbook to see if the trucking company was following the rules. Our experts will also evaluate the driver’s driving to determine how and why the crash occurred. We will gather all of the information possible about the eyewitnesses and their statements given at the time of the crash.

In short, Scottsdale personal injury attorney law firm David Shapiro Law, PLLC, will fight vigorously on your behalf to protect your rights against the large trucking company and its powerful insurance company. Our goal is to obtain the maximum compensation from all parties at fault to help compensate you for your life-changing injuries.

When involved in a serious truck accident, you may be hospitalized. If you suffered a serious brain, spinal or orthopedic injury such as a vertebral fracture or tibia plateau fracture, you may need multiple surgeries followed up by long-term medical care and acute rehabilitation. Even after being discharged from your hospital and your acute rehabilitation, you will likely need additional out-patient medical treatment such as follow-up appointments with your surgeon or doctor, out-patient therapy such as physical or occupational therapy, cognitive re-training with speech pathologists, and a host of other medical treatment. In addition, a truck accident victim also could become permanently disabled and may not be able to return to work.

These life-changing injuries or death can mean you may be able to seek a large amount of damages to pay for lost wages or ability to earn, medical expense and even property damage. If you were injured in a truck accident, you should consult with an attorney immediately.

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